Dave playing with top function band Corra

James playing with top function band Corra
Summer 2010


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The trumpet is just such a cool instrument. It’s loud & naughty but can also be smooth & soulful, especially when played with a mute.

There are just 8 combinations of valve positions on a Trumpet, the other aspect of hitting notes being in tightening or loosening the embouchure 1 & 2. All brass instruments are the same – (except the trombone), so if you can play one, with some adjustment for embouchure & holding technique, you can play the lot.

Listen to James on Trumpet playing his own composition: MP3-6 MP3/film page. James plays all instruments.

Dave playing mute trumpet with Ken Barret in Floozie Soo
  Bring along a CD Mini-disc or MP3 of the music you want to play. The lesson will be driven by what you want to learn & we'll be using the CD as something to analyse, play along with & reproduce. As soon as we can, we'll have you playing lines to your sounds.  
  We'll try some general exercises along the way to develop your ear & other important aspects to playing any instrument. Rhythms & harmonies will be touched on now and again. View from a Trumpet mouthpiece whilst in the bath

James At the Eastgate Theatre, Peebles October 2005 with FloozieSoo



You can learn your trumpet by trial & error. Decide what you want to play. This could be by putting on a CD of your favourite stuff. Sing the first note of your phrase.
Blow a raspberry into your trumpet! Hear a nice smooth clean long note? No? Then try a couple of exercises first.

Trumpet valves
Set of Old Fashioned Bath Taps!


A great place to play is in the bath – a trumpet is waterproof after all… Get some sounds hooked up (but don’t electrocute yourself…) & play along to your favourite music. If your trumpet is very precious to you, you must dry it properly afterwards but a little lacquer can be worth sacrificing for ability. Click on the taps for more...

When James asked his music teacher if he could learn Trumpet, he refused. He was 15 & already learning Piano, Clarinet & Fiddle. Around 15 years later he bought his first Trumpet & was hooked. ‘I used to sit it on the passenger seat of the car & have a wee blow when I had to wait for the lights to change.
  James was the Trumpet player with Edinburgh's The Ugly Groove Movement for 4 years & played Trumpet & Keys with Soul Inferno for 2 years. He continues to play with Floozie Soo, Dajo & guests with others including Corra.
A rather younger Dave with Trumpet in 1998

James in 1998


Weavers Hall, Bank Close, Newburgh, Fife
KY14 6EG

email: james

mobile: 07970 744986
landline:01337 842434

Dave J Ford peering through  ice sculpture