Dave with the Herculean Ceilidh Band circa ~ 1995


Metal flute is what you'll be learning if you book a flute lesson. Wooden flutes are far harder to play although more in tune with the sound of a folk session.

A modern metal flute has pads, like a saxophone, which seal the holes perfectly. With a wooden flute you need to seal the holes perfectly with your finger-tips, which is a touch harder.

We'll be learning predominantly by ear.
A typical Lesson

Metal flute mouthpiece
Volume is also easier to obtain from a metal flute, the instrument orchestral players now use.  
Flute: flute lessons,Newburgh, Abernethy,  Perthshire Metal Flute: flute lessons,Newburgh, Abernethy,  Fife

Flute: flute lessons,Newburgh, Abernethy,  Fife

The embouchure required is unique to this instrument & members of it's family like Bass Flute & piccolo. . If you can make a sound by blowing across the top of a bottle, you are half way to making a sound on your flute.

For some awesome fluty tunes, check out Nuala Kennedy -

Flute: flute lessons,Newburgh, Abernethy,  Fife
Metal orchestral flute wooden native flute
Metal orchestral flute: Metal flutes can even be frowned upon in a folk session.
wooden native flute

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